Tomato Catfacing

Tomato Catfacing - Solution Guide

Catfacing on tomato fruit is a physiological disorder, not a disease.

General cause: Environmental factors

Catfacing is a malformation or surface deformity that can include cracking or what is referred to as "zippering" of fruit, but zippering can occur separately as a pollination deformity associated with conditions of high humidity or during colder temps of early spring. Deep scars caused by catfacing can lead to secondary bacterial infections or fungal mold on fruits.

Catfacing Common Causes

  • Related to adverse conditions during fruit set or pollination.
  • Cold temperatures at flowering.
  • Major fluctuations of temperatures from night into day. (More prevalent in the early season)
  • High levels of nitrogen.
  • Excessive pruning.
  • Thrip feeding damage, specifically on the flower pistil.

Catface Avoidance Measures