Lavender Seed Germination Garden Guide

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Lavender Seed Germination Process

Lavender Seed Germination Process

A stratification process benefits Lavender seed germination. Lavender seeds can be slow and sporadic in germination. Start early and please be patient.

Sowing The Seeds

  • Soaking the seeds first for 8 hours aids germination.
  • Always pre-moisten the Seed Starting Mix.
  • Seeds require light for germination, so after they are pre-soaked, simply press them into the top of the pre-moistened and firmed starting medium.

TIP: It's easiest to start them in some small pots (4-6 inches). Make sure you keep track of how many seeds you place in each pot, however, because germination, even in optimal conditions, can be sporadic.

After Seeds are Sown

  • Place the pots in a closed plastic zip-lock bag and place them in the bottom of the refrigerator for about 30 days.
  • Then take them out, open the bag, and let the pots sit for a few days warming to room temperature.
  • After a few days, place the pots on a heat mat with 45°-55°F consistent bottom heat.

TIP: Leaving the pots sitting in the now-opened plastic bags usually works best to help maintain soil moisture, without keeping them too moist. If the medium seems too dry, spritz over the top with additional water, as needed.

What To Expect

  • Lavender seeds can take 2-4 weeks to germ, after the stratification (cold) period.
  • Often, some of the seeds may not germ on this first go-round. This is normal.
  • As some sprouts carefully prick those out and transplant them into small 2 inch individual pots using fresh loose, pre-moistened potting soil.

TIP: Something like the Cactus & Palm potting mix works well for Lavender. It has the best consistency.

Once transplanted, place those seedlings in bright light and water them from the bottom. Making sure not to over-water, as damping off is a present danger for Lavender seedlings.

Wait a couple more days, if no more sprouts, zip up the bag, and start the process over again, putting them back in the fridge and following the same sequence of instructions above.