Garlic & Fall Onions

The allicin content in garlic supports normal cholesterol levels, enhances circulation and boosts the immune system. The largest bulbs (also referred to as heads) are produced from fall planting, but a heavy mulch is necessary in cold areas to prevent frost heaving. Harvest fall planted garlic the following summer, leaving any small bulbs to grow for another year. Garlic can take 2 to 3 seasons of growing and replanting before cloves become fully acclimated to your growing conditions. For softneck types, 6 heads will plant about 25 feet of row. For hardneck types, 6 heads will plant about 10-15 feet. Separate garlic into cloves just before planting.
  • * Garlic, Chesnok Red, 1/2 Lb - $20.95 - In Stock
    Chesnok Red - An outstanding hardneck garlic hailing from Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia. One of the best for cooking...
  • Garlic, German Porcelain

    5 star rating
    * Garlic, German Porcelain, 1/2 Lb - $20.95 - In Stock
    German Porcelain - One of the best hardneck garlics for flavor and keeping. Very large bulbs contain 4 to 5 huge...
  • * Garlic, Giant Elephant, 1/2 Lb - $19.95 - In Stock
    Elephant - The mild flavor of this popular variety is ideal for soups, salads and sauce. Leaves no garlic aftertaste...
  • * Garlic, Inchelium Red, 1/2 Lb - $19.95 - In Stock
    Inchelium Red - One of the best flavored softneck artichoke garlics. The flavor is mild and long-lasting with a hint...
  • * Garlic, Italian Late, 1/2 Lb - $20.95 - In Stock
    Italian Late - A softneck artichoke garlic with tight, light colored wrappers surrounding fat, round outer cloves....
  • * Garlic, Musik, 1/2 Lb - $20.95 - In Stock
    Musik - A hardy, high-yielding, hardneck porcelain variety out of Canada that grows well in northern climates. Very...
  • * Garlic, Northern White, 1/2 Lb - $20.95 - In Stock
    Northern White - A very easy-to-grow porcelain type hardneck garlic producing large bulbs. Thick, papery-white outer...
  • * Garlic, Silver Rose, 1/2 Lb - $20.95 - In Stock
    Silver Rose - This softneck silverskin garlic makes beautiful braids with its 10 to 12 rose-colored cloves encased in...
  • * Garlic, Spanish Roja, 1/2 Lb - $19.95 - In Stock
    Spanish Roja - A hardneck rocambole garlic famous for robust gourmet garlic flavor. Globe-shaped bulbs in off-white...
  • * Garlic, Vietnamese Red, 1/2 Lb - $20.95 - In Stock
    Vietnamese Red - It's all about flavor with this hardneck rocambole garlic. The easy-to-peel purple striped cloves...
  • $12.95 - In Stock
    These perennial heirloom onions, also called "tree onions" or "topsetting winter onions" form clusters of...
  • $17.95 - In Stock
    A popular heirloom, very easy to grow and much more certain to bulb than regular onions. Each set yields a cluster of...