Stalk and celeriac varieties available

These cool season biennial vegetables are available in both stalk types and the celeriac or "turnip rooted" forms. The stalk types are used in soups, stews, or eaten raw while its leaves make an attractive garnish. The celeriac forms are used in soups and salads. Celery is generally free from any significant growing problems. All celery is shipped as seed.

Start seed indoors from February to April. NOTE: Celery seed requires diffused light and night temperatures 10°-15°F lower than daytime temperatures for good germination. After hardening off seedlings for 1 week, transplant outdoors when the weather is warm and night temperatures no longer fall below 55 °F, as cool temperatures can cause bolting. Prepare the planting bed by incorporating 2-3 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. of 10-10-10 Espoma® Garden Food 3 to 4 weeks prior to transplanting out. Fertilize heavily after planting and keep consistently moist to produce the tastiest stalks.

Did you know?

Celery has a long history of cultivation and was initially more commonly used as a medicinal herb than as a vegetable.

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