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SSW Sweet Corn Seed

Early Riser SSW Sweet Corn item #01808

Early Riser SSW Sweet Corn item #01808
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Improved Supersweet (sh2) genetics

SSW, or SuperSeedWare, varieties are a new, patented type of sh2 sweet corn that provides all the eating quality benefits of sh2 genes without the usual germination and seedling vigor challenges. SSW varieties are produced with conventional breeding techniques.

Essentially, the SSW varieties switch off the sh2 genes as the kernels dry, resulting in fuller, less shrunken seed which germinates better at cool temperatures and has improved early vigor and stress tolerance.

Isolate SSW varieties from all types of sweet corn except for supersweet (sh2) varieties and other SSW types.

For more information on growing SSW varieties, see our Sweet Corn Facts article in our Gardener's Corner.


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