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Garden Supplies

Grow Through Plant Supports item #53483
Grow Through Plant Supports item #53483
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Seeds, plants, and more

At Jung Seed our motto is "From our garden to yours." It would have probably been more accurate if we had said "from our garden to your kitchen" because we carry just about everything you need to plant, label, protect, fertilize, harvest, clean, preserve and in some cases even prepare your harvest. It is all part of us being your dedicated one source shop for all of your gardening needs.

Whether you are into flower gardens, fruit orchards, container gardening, miniature gardens, or just enjoy growing fresh veggies and herbs for your kitchen, we have the tools and supplies that you need.

Besides the grow lights, seed starter kits and other things you would expect to find here, we also feature a complete selection of weed and pest control products, fertilizers for the organic gardeners, kitchen utensils to help you prepare, serve and store and all the other tools and sensors that you need to keep your garden growing healthy and your plants thriving.

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