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Growing Apricots


Growing Apricots

Goldcot Apricot



Apricots are early-flowering, hardy trees with delicious fruit for eating fresh, canned, frozen, or in jams and desserts. Standard trees generally grow 15 to 20 feet tall. Hardy in zones 4 to 8. Apricot will self-pollinate, but fruit production may be better if two different varieties are planted together.

How to Plant

Keep trees in a cool area out of direct sunlight until planting. Can soak roots in water for 2 to 4 hours before planting to hydrate trees. Plant in spring 4 to 8 weeks before the last frost in a hole large enough to fit the tree without bending or crowding the roots. Mixing compost into the soil helps increase fertility and organic matter content. Prune off broken or damaged roots and spread remaining roots evenly. Cover roots and ensure the graft union is at least 2 to 4 inches above the soil line. Benefits from support, especially when first established.


Needs full sun, in fertile, well-drained soil with neutral to slightly acidic pH (6.0 to 7.0). Trees fruit on year old wood, and yearly winter pruning is needed to keep trees vigorous and productive. Best in areas not prone to late spring frosts, as flowers are damaged by freezing temperatures. Can cover blooming trees with a blanket to help prevent damage when frost is predicted.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Use Gromax Fertilizer Tablets 20-10-5 or full rates of ALGOplus All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer 6-6-6 or Neptune Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1.

Common Problems

Usually not difficult to grow, but benefits from a preventative spray program to prevent insect and disease problems. Pests include leaf rollers, peach borer, and brown rot. Remove pruned wood, dropped fruit, and fallen leaves to prevent overwintering pests. Fencing or caging and trunk guards will prevent damage from deer and rodents. Late frosts in spring can damage flower buds and flowers and prevent fruiting.

Alternative Products

Other fruit trees include Apple, Cherry, and Peach.

Complimentary Products

Benefits from spring fertilization annually. Bonide Fung-Onil Fungicide can be used to control diseases and insects. Can fence trees with 7 X 100 Ft. Deer-X Fencing to prevent damage from deer.

 Product Recommendations

All Seasons Spray Oil can be used in winter or early spring while trees are dormant to help control overwintering pest.

Apricot Facts

Apricots are a type of "stone fruit" with a large pit and are related to peach and plum.


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