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Growing Bachelor Buttons

Growing Bachelor Buttons

Classic Fantastic Bachelor Buttons

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Bachelor buttons, sometimes called cornflower, is an annual flower originally native to Europe. The common name "cornflower" comes from it once being a common weed growing in grain fields. It is an attractive garden plant and often used as a cut flower. Butterflies, bees, and other pollinators are attracted to the flowers. Its flowers are also edible. Plants are drought tolerant once established and may reseed in the garden.

How To Grow

Direct sow seed in spring after the danger of frost has passed. Plant seed a quarter to half an inch deep. Can also be started indoors about 4 weeks before the last spring frost. Maintain at 60 to 70 degrees and expect germination in 7 to 14 days.

Plant in full sun in well-drained soil.


For full sun and well-drained soil. Deadheading prolongs blooming. May be somewhat aggressive in cool climates, but less vigorous in hot climates. Prefers dry, low-fertility, alkaline soils. Benefits from division every few years to maintain vigor, especially in hot climates.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Bachelor buttons is a light feeder, and plants benefit from occasional fertilization. Use low rates of ALGOplus Flowering Plant 4-6-7 liquid fertilizer or Neptune Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1.

Common Problems

Easy-to-grow and usually not troubled by problems. Aphids are an occasional insect pest. Rust sometimes affects plants. May suffer root or stem rot in wet or poorly-drained soils. Aphids can be treated with insecticidal soap.

Alternative Products

Calendula is another easy-to-grow annual with edible flowers.

Complimentary Products

Bachelor button combines well with annual foliage plants like coleus or Silver Dust dusty miller.

Bachelor Button Facts

Annual bachelor buttons is classified as Centaurea cyanus. The genus name Centaurea was derived from the Greek word for centaur. There are also perennial types of bachelor buttons, Centaurea montana (sometimes called perennial cornflower). 


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