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Growing Heliopsis

Growing Heliopsis

Venus Heliopsis


Fast-growing, hardy perennials with an erect, branching habit and daisy-like flowers over a long bloom period. May need staking in the landscape. Most are hardy in zone 4, but varieties like Loraine Sunshine (12065) are hardy to zone 3. Native to North America. Plant after the last frost in spring with roots slightly deeper than in the pot.


For full sun to part shade. Best in well-drained soil, but tolerant of heavy clay soils. Deadheading prolongs flowering. Plants can be somewhat short-lived and benefit from division every few years.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Use full rates of Algoflash Flowering Plant 4-6-7 Liquid Fertilizer (51087), Neptune Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1 (51221), or Osmocote 14-14-14 (51173).

Alternative Products

Other perennials with daisy-type flowers include Gaillardia, Rudbeckia, and Shasta Daisy. 

Complimentary Products

Heliopsis is a moderate feeder and benefits from regular fertilization. Combines well with other North American native perennials like Butterfly Plant, Coneflower, and Coreopsis.

Product Recommendations

New Azaguard Insecticide / Repellent (50008) can be used to treat aphid or whitefly problems.

Heliopsis Facts

Usually does not suffer significantly from pests or diseases. Aphids, whitefly, leaf spot, and powdery mildew are occasional problems. Sometimes called False Sunflower.

Growing Tips