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Growing Lobelia (annual)

Growing Lobelia(annual)

Dark Blue Early Springs Lobelia

Dark Blue Early Springs Lobelia item #09362


Lobelia is a low-growing flowering annual with masses of small flowers, giving it a dainty look. Varieties are available with both mounding and trailing habits.

Originally a cool season plant that struggled and flowered poorly in the heat of summer, new breeding has created varieties that will flower strongly from spring into fall. It makes a good edging plant for borders and is excellent in hanging baskets and containers. Butterflies are attracted to the flowers.

How To Plant

Plant outdoors in spring after the danger of frost has passed. Set plants slightly deeper than when grown in the pot. Choose a site with well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Locations with afternoon shade are best in hot summer climates.


If flowering slows in summer, cut plants back by a third to promote new growth.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Lobelia is a moderate feeder that benefits from regular fertilization. Use full rates of  ALGOplus Flowering Plant 4-6-7 liquid fertilizer or Neptune Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1.

Common Problems

Lobelia is generally free from serious problems with insect pests and diseases. It is also rarely damaged by deer.

Alternative Products

Other cool season flowering annuals are snapdragon and pansy.

Product Recommendations

A good plant for vertical planters like the Al's Flower Pouch.

Lobelia Facts

The genus name Lobelia is in honor of French botanist and physician Matthias de l'Obel (1538 to 1616).


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Growing Tips