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Growing Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms

Portabella Mushrooms


Mushroom kits provide an easy way to grow delicious edible mushrooms indoors. Kits contain an organic growing medium inoculated with one of several different varieties of mushrooms. Kits are shipped directly from the supplier, and are not available from May 1 to October 15.


To grow, simply add water and the keep kit in a cool, dark place. Once mushrooms mature, production continues for 3 to 5 weeks. 

Fertilizer Recommendations

Does not need additional fertilization, as kits contain everything needed.

Alternative Products

Other food plants suitable for growing indoors include Basil, Mesclun Mix, and Sprouting Seed.

Complimentary Products

Mushrooms are excellent sauteed with Chives (02400), Garlic, or Onions in butter or oil.

Mushroom Facts

Free from problems when kept in a dark, cool spot. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of certain types of fungi that reproduce by spores.

Growing Tips