Cabbage Babies Triplet Hybrid

Cabbage Babies Triplet Hybrid

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4.0 (3 reviews)
Our blend of 'personal size' hybrid mini-cabbages. Full-size heads of cabbage make lots of leftovers and take up space in the fridge. Our cabbage babies also take up less space in the garden as they can be spaced just 10 to 12 inches apart. We've included a green, red and savoy variety that mature in just 60 to 70 days, form heads about the size of softballs and weigh about 3/4 to 1 1/2 pounds. They have sweet, mild flavor and hold in prime condition for a long time.
100 - seeds per packet
1 FOR $3.25
3 FOR $8.85

Product Details

: 54
: Spring
: 0.25
: Fertile, well-drained
: 6-6-6
: 3 - Normal
: Head

Physical Details

: mix
: 5 to 14
: 60 to 70
: 10 to 12
: Yes
: Yes
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Brassica
: oleracea
: Various
Product Reviews
4.0 (3 reviews)
  • By Sally M
    From Grandin, ND
    Great assortment! If you love cabbage like we do, this is a fun, delicious assorted mix that will give you perfect volleyball size heads that hold well. They taste great and are early maturing. We will plant these along side our megaton for a cabbage mi
  • By Rebecca L
    From Cambridge, MN
    I especially loved the Savoy cabbage. It is much tastier than
  • By Ian M
    From Canton, NY
    grow well. The wrinkly ones didn't taste real good. Haven't seen a purple one yet. The smooth green ones taste great and keep well.
  • By Bob B
    From Shawano, WI
    We love these. great variety, great size and great flavor!