Mirai 308bc Hybrid Sweet Corn

Mirai 308bc Hybrid Sweet Corn

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2.7 (3 reviews)
(su/se/sh2) Attractive 8 inch ears with refined bicolor kernels of exceptional quality. Dark green husks. 5-1/2 ft. plant. Treated seed.
150 seeds

Product Details

: 58
: Spring
: 1
: Fertile, warm, well-drained
: 22-34-11
: 3 - Normal
: Kernels

Physical Details

Height: 66
: Green
: Bicolor
: 5 to 14
: 71
: 6 to 8
: Yes
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Resistance Details

: Sweet corn (su/se/sh2)

Scientific Details

: Sweet corn (su/se/sh2)
: Zea
: mays
: Mirai 308BC
Product Reviews
2.7 (3 reviews)
  • By Robert J
    From Madison, WI
    These are very tasty, and yes you can eat them raw! Word of caution: if you have bad allergies like I do it's best to cook them.
  • By charles w
    From Wentzville, MO
    germinated poorly and once up was so weak and scraggly that I turned it under and replanted another variety. I am thinking because we have had a really wet year that it just can't take that much moisture. Always have gotten great results from Jung's corn seed prior.
    * Admin Notes added 6/18/2015 2:04:05 PM:
    Wet soil conditions can stress sweet corn seed, resulting in poor germination and vigor, especially in heavy soils. Sweet corn varieties with sh2 genes, including Mirai varieties, are particularly sensitive to cold and wet soils during germination.
  • By Susan H
    From South Carolina
    Absolute zero germination rate on seed purchased last September and planted this spring. First time buying from Jung seed, and I get sold seed that will not germinate. Zero out of thousands, I cannot recommend this product or this supplier. Pure waste of time and money.
    * New notes added 5/16/2015 1:00:17 PM:

    * Admin Notes added 5/18/2015 1:09:36 PM:
    We are sorry to hear about the failure of your sweet corn to germinate. All of our seed is germination tested to ensure that it meets our standards. Our customer service team will be contacting you about this problem.

    Sweet corn needs soil temperatures of at least 65 F to germinate well, and will fail to germinate at temperatures of 55 or below. It is more sensitive to cold temperatures than field corn varieties. Overly cool soil temperatures also make sweet corn seed more prone to loss from insect damage, nematodes, and diseases. Wet soil conditions can also reduce germination.
  • By Sherry W
    From Meridian, ID
    This is my favorite sweet corn, we plant it every year and are never disappointed. If you live in a cold climate you need to make sure the ground is warm before you put the seeds in the ground or else it won't germinate.