Worm Factory 360 With Worm Voucher

Worm Factory 360 With Worm Voucher

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An efficient way to convert kitchen scraps, junk mail and cardboard into nutrient-rich compost. A wonderful addition for organic gardeners. Add worms and watch them work in the 4-tray stackable worm bin system. Odorless, year round operation. The worms begin eating waste in the lowest tray and then migrate upward through the grid bottom of the next tray as food sources in the lower tray are exhausted. Valuable worm castings are left behind, ready for your garden. As each tray gets digested, continue to add food to the upper trays and cycle them so the worms continue to migrate upward. The worms can consume 3 to 6 pounds of food per week. As the waste composts, liquid fertilizer or "worm tea" gathers in the collection tray below and can be easily drained from the spigot for use on plants. The unit houses eight thousand worms and can be expanded up to 7 trays. It's made of high quality, post consumer recycled black plastic and measures 16"x16"x14". The start-up kit includes the Worm Factory 360 unit, a thermometer, hand rake, scraper, start-up bedding, a comprehensive instruction booklet and DVD guide plus a redeemable voucher from the manufacturer for 1 pound (approx. 1000) Red composting Worms. NOTE: The worms will be drop-shipped from a supplier nearest your location. Has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on parts and workmanship. Made in the USA.


To watch a video about the Worm Factory 360 click the link. www.youtube.com
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