Sunbubble Vertical Tower

Sunbubble Vertical Tower

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Maximize your space! Vertical gardening is the way to grow! Easier to plant, water, maintain, and harvest than a traditional garden. This maintenance-free 3 tiered pot system and surrounding trellis provides over 27 square feet of growing space but takes up less than 5 square feet of space. The pots are durable, made of UV-protected, high-density polyethylene and are designed to accomodate a total of 6 large plants. The heavy-duty trellis frame and fencing are galvanized steel and able to easily support the weight of vines and fruit. Ideal for both climbing flowers and vegetables that need trellising. Virtually eliminates the need for digging, bending, and weeding, plus you'll have less pests. Assembles easily. Measures, 70" tall, 28" wide and 86" in circumference.
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